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Session Telecoms

Session Telecoms (Pty) Ltd strength lies in its ability to deliver turnkey solutions to clients at a competitive cost backed by excellent customer service.
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Session Telecoms is the preferred provider of tailored telecommunications & conNectivity solutions due to a number of key factors:


Coverage & Customer Support

Session Telecoms has the capacity to support its clients 24/7 in terms of troubleshooting and maintenance, thereby reducing the overheads associated with technological asset maintenance. Session Telecoms customers benefit from lower costs and the ability to channel their focus and resources towards excelling at their core business focus.


Unique Telco Empowerment Model

Using our inhouse billing platform, we are able to instantaneously sign up new entrants to the Telco market. The zero CAPEX model enables immediate trading and selling of services with zero risk. Session Telecoms provide the platform, connectivity and billing infrastructure with the necessary sales and product training to support their business model.



Session Telecoms has been in the market for almost a decade, and has considerable experience in offering solutions based on client requirements and business objectives.


Requirement Specific Solutions

Session Telecoms acts not just as a reseller, but as a value-adding consultant that partners with clients to understand their business goals and objectives before recommending best-fit solutions.


Low Overheads and Competitive Costs

The company’s relationship as preferred partner with a number of technology providers, allows it preferential rates and advantages that are passed onto clients as cost savings.

At Session Telecoms, we aim to be the one-stop solution for our client’s communications and business needs. This approach reduces incompatibilities whilst easing troubleshooting between different service and / or systems, ultimately avoiding finger pointing and blaming between vendors.